Multi Risk – Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor in Scarborough

Multi Risk provides insurance advice and brokerage services as a well unfolding player in the industry. It has been based in Scarborough for a long time and is committed to serving the public with comprehensive insurance solutions and financial planning services. We take into account the personal needs of our customers and providing tailored service along with strong focus on risk management.

Multi Risk Insurance Brokerage hopes to give clients the tools to feel secure about their assets and to reach their financial targets. If you are finding an insurance broker Scarborough, you are at the right page to explore the wide variety of insurance services we provide. We are a reputed financial advisor Scarborough with unique financial planning solutions. We have a customer-centric approach to services like retirement planning and investment strategies.

Multi Risk Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor

Are you searching for that sort of fantastic insurance whose strength and resilience are like the tireless Canadian beaver dam. Stop the run and go to your Multi Risk Insurance Brokerage – the nearby insurance broker Scarborough who knows you by name!

Multi Risk is akin to that steadfast friend who has your back but in this case, is the insurance guru plus finance chief. Their Scarborough office is where you can get the best insurance plans for your individual needs, as well as those for your business. They have a range of insurance solutions and if you need something personalized, you can discuss with them and they can tailor the perfect insurance for your needs.

At Multi Risk, our mission is crystal clear: a non-traditional brokerage that is built to provide insurance services featuring high-end insurance options and friendly expertise. Our values? The trustworthiness, dependability and willingness to recalibrate this hurdle of conundrum

Services offered by Multi Risk in Scarborough

Multi risk, unlike poutine, has terms of insurance more than an easy-to-enjoy menu. Whether it’s personal accidents, disability insurance, business liability, or a unique policy you require, we’ve got you covered like tartar sauce on fish and chips.

Personal Insurance

Whether it’s the security of your nest egg or the safety of your favorite car, we provide perfect coverage options for your assets and possessions. From music, home to vehicle are all protected with that extra bit of cover that takes care of your life’s accidental pitfalls.

Commercial Insurance

Running a business means your life is just like playing hockey with a moose, a surprise happens every second. Multi Risk insurance broker Scarborough becomes a partner in your venture that safeguards all your efforts on the business by providing tailored commercial or business insurance plans.

Super Visa & Health

Coming to Canada on a Super Visa? Do you take your health and bills seriously? Well, you should. Healthcare is expensive here especially if you don’t hold a PR or not a citizen. For temporary visitors to Canada on Super Visa, Visitor Visa or Tourist Visa, we have the best coverage options. We also provide travel insurance solutions for out of province/country in Canada. However, we can come up with specific solutions for special-risk insurance meeting your one-of-a-kind needs.

Financial Planning Services

To make your financial future planning as difficult as venturing into a Canadian winter without mitts and a hat at the same time, can be as horrifying as you can imagine. We at Multi Risk are committed to keep financial planning as easy as possible. There are numerous investment options and tax complications. If the finances and economic landscape is not your cup of tea then better trust a financial advisor Scarborough who have the knowledge and resources to guide you. Whatever your needs is, be it investments, retirement or estate planning, one of our experienced financial planners can guide you.

Investment Planning

You feel satisfied, invigorated, and satiated after having a bar of chocolate snack. We want your investment journey to be as fulfilling. We propose tailor-made investment planning, which will make the path to your financial security easier and clearer.

Retirement Planning

Making a retirement plan is a bit like mapping for your cross-country road trip – though different it still entails careful travel planning. Along with these services, Multi Risk Brokerage Services has taken a step further to provide you with valuable retirement planning services so that you can enjoy your golden years worry-free.

Estate Planning

Planning for what happens to your assets after you’re gone can feel as confusing. You have accumulated money, properties, wealth and assets. We’re here to simplify things for you. By designating beneficiaries for your loved ones, we ensure your assets and properties are secure, so they don’t have to figure it all out during difficult times.

Why Choose MultiRisk Insurance Brokers for Your Insurance Needs

At Multi Risk we know that security does not depend on being a “policy number”. This is why we treat you as a family member we would never ruin with our best service. Now we have come to the end of smart statements. Multi Risk Insurance is not doing any cookie-cutter solutions here. Our personalized consultation before making a perfect fit for your insurance and money matters. This kind of advice is a true mirror reflection of your personal needs.

Multi Risk is an independent brokerage and we don’t collaborate with any particular insurance provider. So, we operate without any pressure of selling a particular product.

  • Personalized service tailored to your needs
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry
  • Access to a wide network of insurance providers
  • Competitive rates negotiated on your behalf
  • Comprehensive coverage options for various insurance needs

To schedule a consultation with one of our insurance broker Scarborough and experience the peace of mind that comes with expert insurance guidance, simply reach out to us at 416-224-2800 or drop us an email at We look forward to assisting you in protecting what matters most.