The Importance of Travel Insurance: Why It’s Essential for Your Next Trip

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of booking a long-awaited trip, am I right? Just imagining all those hot adventures gets you totally amped. As Canadians, we’re lucky enough to have easy access to dope international spots and our own wild backyard here at home. But whether you’re bouncing across the globe or just road-tripping a few provinces over, potential shit can hit the fan along the way and turn that dream vacation into a total nightmare. That’s why having travel insurance is an absolute must for any Canuck traveler venturing outside their home province or country.

At Multi Risk Insurance Brokerage, we get it – travel ain’t cheap and it’s a big investment of time too. Our comprehensive travel insurance plans are designed to protect that investment and give you the ultimate peace of mind, no matter where your wanderlust drags you. ‘Cause the last thing you want is some unexpected accident derailing all your scheming and budgeting for the trip.

When the Unexpected Happens

Even for the most seasoned travel junkies, not everything can be mapped out perfectly. One missed connection and bam – you’re stranded. You will be throwing cash at last-minute rebooking fees. Or maybe you caught a nasty fall and now you’re hurt, needing emergency care. Paying through the nose for hospital bills your provincial plan won’t cover. Worst case? Your whole damn wallet got swiped and suddenly you’re replacing everything from credit cards to ID. 

Without adequate coverage, mishaps like that can wreck your travel budget and cause stupid amounts of stress. You don’t really wanna spend days stuck in some hospital bed. You don’t want to stress about how to pay for treatment. Or cut your dream vacay short just to rush home and claim insurance over reimbursing you for all your lost crap? Hell no!

That’s why Multi Risk hooks you up with customized travel insurance that covers trip cancellations, delays, interruptions, lost bags, medical emergencies – you name it. Our flexible options protect you with coverage tailored to your trip and budget. No more constant “what if” worries ruining the fun.

The Medical Safety Net You Can’t Ignore

Let’s be real, catching some awful illness or getting banged up far away from home is a huge concern when traveling. Sure, your provincial health plan gives basic coverage inside Canada, but it ain’t gonna cut it for any major medical crap abroad. From ER visits and hospital stays to tests and treatments, costs can skyrocket faster than Air Canada baggage fees when you’re traveling.

Multi Risk’s travel medical insurance ensures you’ve got access to solid emergency care worldwide. Our travel insurance plans cover expenses like:

  • Visits to the doctor already
  • Those pricey ER fees, hospital rooms, treatments  
  • Scans and other diagnostics 
  • Ambulances/air ambulances if needed
  • Nurses or assistants to care for your recovering behind
  • Medications, medical equipment, and all that jazz

We’ll even cover emergency medical evacuation from abroad if needed to get you to a hospital that can actually treat you properly. But, remember all the coverage depends on your requirement and budget.

We have options to cover pre-existing medical conditions too! So even if you’re rocking some chronic crap like diabetes, heart disease, or recent injuries, you can still get solid coverage. No more over-inflated rates or being denied altogether. It is just legit coverage fitting your needs.

Family Adventures Made Stupidly Simple

Traveling with your boo, kids, grandparents or the whole family? Multi Risk’s family plans make covering everyone easy-peasy without bankrupting you. Our bundles offer steep discounts vs. insuring each person solo. You will be protecting everyone from any travel storms.  

We also provide dope savings when both traveling adults are over 60. Making it easier and cheaper to finally protect that exotic vacay you’ve been saving up for long!

Cover Those Epically Long Trips 

Maybe you’re planning a mega cross-Canada road odyssey to see the Rockies, East Coast and everything in between over several months. Or you’re finally making that round-the-world dream happen. Whatever those big travel plans, Multi Risk has insurance packages covering extravagantly extended stays and multiple destinations over weeks or even a whole year.  

Our annual travel insurance is straight-up flexible and convenient. Get unlimited trips of any length during those 365 days and stay worry-free no matter how many vacays or countries you pack in.

Doing Your Homework Pays Off

Not all travel insurance policies are created equal, so you’ll want to compare offerings carefully. 

When evaluating plans, look at:

  • Coverage limits for medical, evacuation, baggage, etc. Do the amounts make sense for your trip?
  • Deductible amounts you’d pay out-of-pocket
  • Exclusions for specific activities, countries or pre-existing conditions
  • Reputation of the underwriters (check online reviews)

Don’t just buy the first or cheapest policy you see. With some research and comparison shopping, you can find a good travel insurance plan tailored to your journey and budget. It’s a small price to pay for total peace of mind.

The bottom line is don’t be neglectful. Protect your travel investment and adventurous behind with good travel insurance from experts at Multi Risk Insurance Brokerage. We’ve got packages to cover any journey, so you can actually enjoy the ride without stressing over “what ifs”. Get a quote online today and let us sweat the potential problems while you make amazing travel memories.